Let’s talk about Blues, or rather, about its genres and directions.
This will be very useful for those, who just recently joined the Blues community, and are not adequately orienting in terms and stylistics, which are presented by Akella on the present site. Right off the boat, I would like to make a slip that I will tell you about how I personally feel all this, see, hear and perceive, and this information was not from any books, articles and wikis!
Even hypothetically you could not imagine how Blues is multifaceted! In fact, it’s a huge Diamond that shines with all the facets of its styles, sub-styles and directions, plays and shimmers with all colors and shades! Remember that each musician brings to this Diamond his only private individual shade; and there are more than 3,000 participants in this project! And this is not the limit! )))
Another pleasant surprise lies in the geography of the participants, in addition to the USA, musicians from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, India and New Zealand are presented in the project… And this is not the limit either!


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