Zydeco appears to be kind of incendiary music that originates from the French settlers in the state of Louisiana. Accordion and rubber (it looks like a small washboard) are the obligatory musical instruments, characteristic feature of this genre.   

Clifton Chenier, who is the Zydeco Father, transferred Zydeco to Blues in the 50s of the last century!

This music carries the extremely powerful charge of positive energy, as I clearly witnessed in 2006 at the Efes Pilsner Blues Festival in Ufa!

Magic Slim! Big Time Sarah! Buckwheat Zydeco! It was a real Blues Day! All the people were embracing, fraternizing and… Dancing! They were dancing for 4 hours without even noticing that! And it could not be otherwise, when Buckwheat Zydeco was playing!

Today Magic Slim is no longer with us… and Big Time Sarah also left us…

But what they presented us with is really impossible to forget!

The material, which formed the unique Zydeco collection, was gathered literally bit by bit in the course of several years; that is why it is especially dear to me!

Akella Presents: Zydeco! – volume # 48


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